page speed optimization

Page speed optimization- Metrics and tools for improvement

 In the SEO job, page speed is an essential factor, but it is a dynamic issue. Which are the main issues about the loading pace of your site? What do you improve? These are some questions that continuously pinch in marketer’s mind

Here are some problems that might slow your site: 

Not Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN is a service which stores copies of your website on strategic servers. It helps users load pages that are far from the principal server quickly. Cloudflare, like the Jet pack CDN for images and videos, is one of the most popular solutions. The two most popular CDN JavaScript options are Google and Microsoft. 

Excessive Overhead in Your Database 

‘Overhead’ refers to third party items in the database of your site. Logs, transients, and other plugins or theme entries can build up over time. Too much of this ‘overhead’ can cause queries on databases to take longer than necessary. In some cases, it can even cause your web server to run out of time while waiting for an answer. 

Poorly-Written Scripts Are Conflicting With Other Site Elements

Poorly written JavaScript can cause problems with your website’s compatibility with other parts. Running a speed test using tools like Pingdom might point to scripts that take a long time to load. Turning off potentially problematic scripts temporarily may also be helpful. 

Site’s code too bulky

You can consider your website slower if your code is too ‘bulky’ or includes excessive characteristics and line breaks. In addition to CSS inclining and JavaScript files, autoptimize minifies codes. It also fits into WP Super Cache well.

The efficiency and response time of your website are directly related to your progress, so, it is important to take any chance possible to enhance it. Figuring out why your website has delayed loading times can help boost both its SEO and UX, resulting in better visibility and conversion rates.

Page Speed Tools Several specific types of software are available linked to page to speed. Two of the most common resources are Google’s page Speed Insights and Web Page Test. These resources will allow you to identify and solve different issues on your website

Website Load Testing & Page Speed Testing Tools

  • Pingdom Speed Test
  • GTMetrix 
  • Yslow Firefox Plugin 
  • Key CDN Speed Test 
  • VarvyPagespeed Optimization
  • UpTrends
  • dotcom-monitor 
  • Yellow Lab Tools
  • Google Chrome DevTools
  • Sucuri Load Time Tester
  • PerfTool.