How Google evaluates links for SEO

How Google evaluates links for SEO

Google, it’s used by everyone to get answers to their problems. And everybody knows that helps. So, the question is how does Google find the web’s most relevant information? Google uses many ways, but “evaluating links” is one of the most significant. So making links is also an important aspect for any company doing SEO.

So how does Google evaluate links?

Google announced that they use characteristics of links to help them figure out the topic of a linked page. They have changed how they evaluate links; in particular, they are turning off a method of link analysis that they have used for several years. They often rearchitect or turn off parts of their scoring to keep their system maintainable, clean, and understandable.”

Here are some of the characteristics:

  • link’s text

For a long time the anchor text of a link was the key element. When a number of websites link to a page with “green apple” anchor text, the page gets high rankings for the term “green apple.”

  • The content and the similarity to the website

The link to your website would have a stronger impact if the language surrounding the link to your site involves your core business. If the connection to the website is totally irrelevant, the connection does not count.

  • The Linking Pages Association

Links from websites with the same creator and links from associations that have a greater impact on website rankings than links from websites not associated with the website

  • Attributes such as nofollow and title

Links using the rel = nofollow attribute do not impact Google’s website location of web pages. Some webmasters believe that using title attributes can have a positive effect when the targeted keywords are contained. Others believe that a spam filter might trigger that.

  • the linking page ‘s power

Pages with multiple inbound links are connected at a higher degree than pages with few links.

  • Website’s age

The older the link, the more Google trusts. After a long time, links appear to have a more important effect than links that come and go.