Guide on YouTube SEO

Ever thought of optimizing search results on YouTube, SEO is the way forward. YouTube search bar works as a search engine for YouTube. Videos related to your business can appear more frequently into search results by using SEO tactics for YouTube.

What is SEO for YouTube?

 The YouTube SEO consists of managing the platforms, playlists, meta-data, videos and definition themselves. You can optimize your search videos both on and off YouTube. The power of your video text is used in transcripts and in closed subtitles as a key component of your YouTube SEO.

Why YouTube SEO is important?

We know Google owns YouTube and often displays videos in relevant search results. And Google is the most common search engine that is been currently used by most of the internet users. YouTube SEO has the potential to impact your rankings in search if you do video SEO properly.

Here are some tips to optimize videos for YouTube search:

Use target keywords to name video files

First, use the SEO tool to identify keywords that you’d like your video to focus on. Place the keyword identified in the video file before uploading it to YouTube.

Optimize video description

 According to Google, the official character cap for the YouTube video description is 1,000 characters. You can use the space effectively, but remember that the user is here to watch a video not to read an essay.

If you choose to write a longer description, keep in mind that YouTube only displays the first two or three lines of text — around 100 characters.

Categorize your video

After you upload a video, you should categorize it under “Advanced settings.” Selecting a category is another way to associate your video with related material on YouTube, so that it winds up in different playlists and is visible to more people who identify with your audience.

Add a Transcript to Video Description

The video description is a prime spot for search engines to crawl and index your video. And since your transcript is likely naturally keyword-optimized for your topic, it’s great fuel for YouTube SEO.

The video description is the easiest way to display the transcript on YouTube. The field of description is 4,850 characters, including spaces. You can always add a truncated version of your transcript to the full version on a separate web page.

Use a Compelling Thumbnail

YouTubers can choose which frame they want to display as a video thumbnail. You will present 3 screenshots to choose from, but you can also select a shot from another moment in the video, or upload your own image.

Choosing the correct video thumbnail picture creates a significant difference in the click-through rate. Use high quality, high contrast picture with 16:9 aspect ratio. And Facial close-ups work best.