Google’s May Core update 2020

What is Google’s core update?

Google’s algorithms are complicated systems for collecting data from its search index. The search engine provides relevant web pages through a combination of algorithms and numerous ranking signals. Google did only a few updates of its algorithms in its first years. Now, every year, Google changes a thousand.

So what has changed in “Google’s May Core Update 2020” is the question? What do you need to do after a core update to improve your website in Google? Google said how the platforms test contents internationally is what has improved.

Google gave this example on top movie ratings: “One way to think of how a core update operates is to imagine you made a list of the top 100 movies in 2015. A few years later in 2019, you refresh the list. It’s going to naturally change. Some new and wonderful movies that never existed before will now be candidates for inclusion. You might also reassess some films and realize they deserved a higher place on the list than they had before. The list will change, and films previously higher on the list that moves down aren’t bad. There are simply more deserving films that are coming before them,” Google wrote.

When assessing your content, the company provided a list of questions to consider. The questions were designed to help users to keep their site up to date with the best content.

Is the content providing original reporting, research, analyses, or information?

Are the content derived from other sources?

Would you foresee having this topic in a journal, encyclopedia or book or referencing it??