Yes definitely, investing in SEO can help your business sail through this lockdown and beyond. It can help you generate traffic through organic search results, attract more leads, refine your content based on the current trends, and increase your brand’s online presence.

There is no shortcut to SEO, it is a continuous process and requires time, maintenance, and a proper strategy to generate results. The effectiveness of SEO depends upon various factors like competitor analysis, keyword targeting, age of the website, etc. This is where ADOHM comes in, helping you create a strategy and framework that suits your business goals, to optimize your SEO results with continuous monitoring.

Ideal keyword research starts by identifying your customer personas, then finding the topics that interest your customers, and accordingly optimizing the keywords in your content. The ADOHM platform helps you to sort out effective keywords minimizing cost and generate maximum results.

The goal of a search engine optimization service is to get the best possible rankings for your website in organic or non-paid results, on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. Every day millions of people search for a product or a service online and research shows that they rarely go beyond the first two pages of the search result, that’s where you want to be to get noticed and SEO service helps you achieve that.

Rankings do matter but it’s more important to get qualified traffic that results in conversions. Again, the time required to rank your website will depend on several factors that starts usually with the understanding of the type of industry you are operating in and how competitive the industry is. Also, the website age and structure along with other factors, play a key role in contouring a proper strategy that helps your website rank better.

2020 has been and continues to be a roller-coaster ride for everyone due several unforeseen events taking shape starting with COVID-19. But this has led to people spending more time online giving rise to organic searches, which continues to rise above other search traffic. Hence, to make the best use of this opportunity SEO should be a serious consideration for your business.

Having high quality backlinks are important to increase the credibility of your site. Few important things to consider while requesting a backlink is to understand what interests the site owners, how relevant and genuine your content is, and what value do you add to the site.

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