About 301 redirect: Google Webmasters Central brand gets retired

Do you know after a decade, Google Webmasters Central is becoming Google Search Central, it’s announced by Google. With the name change, a portion of the Google Webmaster Central properties will be diverted to the new area, including the blog, forums, documentation, social channels and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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What is not changing?

The name change all the more comprehensively reflects who the arrangement is intended to help — website admins, yet additionally SEOs, online advertisers, bloggers, web engineers, webpage proprietors and others.

What is changing?

In addition to URL diverts, the social channel names are changing and content is being relocated starting with one area to another. These progressions will begin happening now and proceed throughout the forthcoming weeks. A large portion of the old substance will be diverted, including RSS feeds and email lists.

  • The Webmaster Help Community is becoming Google Search Central Help Community
  • The new Google Search Central URL is https://developers.google.com/search/ and it includes:
  • Search-related documentation from the Search Console help center
  • The various Webmaster Central blogs
  • The Google Webmasters pages
  • The YouTube channel will be changing to the new name
  • The Twitter account will be changing to the new name
  • The blogs are changing a bit as well, despite the fact that you probably won’t see since RSS feeds and email subscriptions are being migrated over. Recognize the structures more deeply in a form of new blog https://developers.google.com/search/blog/.

History: About Google

Google sitemaps became the Google Webmaster Central. Google launched the webmaster help center, and the Sitemaps group became a subdivision of a larger Google Group that included classifications for lots of other site owner issues. Though, I do not believe this was authoritatively documented.

Why we care?

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