4 SEO mistakes that could penalize your site

Nobody wants to get into legal matters and nobody wants their businesses to be penalized. But sanctions are real, and they can severely affect you and your business.

No-one commits deliberate errors. And it’s really necessary to learn about them before you commit. There is an old saying; “Better prevention than cure” 

Thus given below are 4 prominent mistakes that companies make while doing SEO.

1. Buying links

 As per Google policies, buying links is a violation. Links should come naturally and can be accomplished by appropriate link creation techniques. So what are appropriate link creation techniques? There are a number of manuals out there for white-hat link building approaches, but basically it includes outreach. You ought to consider ways to connect up, and then get to certain properties and propose your link.

2. Linking from penalized websites

Never link with a website that is sandboxed by Google. Such pages are sandboxed for a reason, so getting access to them does not you any favours with Google. You want connections from places that Google trusts, not penalized by them.

3. Over-optimization

Google doesn’t like to see things above average. An over-optimization of search engines penalty usually means that you are taking a step too far to obsessively get out of your industry. Cool it and allow some natural material accessible until your rank is impacted.

4. Link farm

Link Farm is nothing more than a collection of websites set up by an SEO provider to build backlinks to specific pages. They are created using free platforms such as WordPress or Blogger and have no value other than trying to manipulate search results.

When an SEO provider is able to acquire a backlinks for you, ask if they own the property where the link originates. If so, it is likely a link farm.