Over the past many years broad match modifier have been at the core of the SEM strategy to reach more audience. With smart bidding options coming and the changes in user search pattern’s, google is going to just take the best options of broad match modifier and move it into the phrase match.


In today’s time Phrase match and broad match modifier represent the same use cases, and with these two combinations, you can reach more of the right audience at the right moment.

Below are the current options in google ads for your search advertising

Just by using phrase match you can reach the searches—without disturbing about the searches which you don’t need. 

Think that you’re moving your business that desires to succeed in people curious about moving out of the Mumbai. With the updated phrase match, you’ll reach people looking to maneuver from Mumbai to Bengaluru, for instance, without exposure for people looking to maneuver from Bengaluru to Mumbai.

Above change methodology will offer us greater time to focus on larger commercial enterprise goals, and will support our customers to locate as how they want to shape their choice of nest.

Few examples how matching behavior will change after this update:

Broad match modifier keyword
Queries that will no longer match after the update
+best +men’s footwear Best price for men’s footwear
+cleaning +services Some customer service who will do home cleaning
Phrase match keyword Queries that will match after the update
“Higher education in abroad” Higher education in abroad for Indians teenagers
“elegant dress” Beautiful and elegant dress for women

Setting up your campaigns for success

Recommend the following best practices:

As long as it is available for matching, an exact match keyword that is similar to a query is now still preferred. This allows you more control about which keyword a search matches, and can help reduce the complexity of the account.

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