Financial Sector

Security Intelligence & Superior Fraud Detection
Proactive protection via Machine Learning & Advanced analytics.

Take a unified approach to fraud, compliance and security. Only security intelligence solutions provides a quintessential layer of protection for spontaneously detecting invalid details, predict, track and delay science-driven proved abnormally in financial flows backed by domain expertise and the mostsophisticated world’s analytics. Let’s add an additional layer of Security Intelligence whilst you throw your hats in the wind.

A single leakage can mar your organization’s reputation. Our solutions have been developed to prevent the slightest predictability poised for occurrence. Our automated system bounces back improper payments associated with invalid Credit Card Details and detects stolen payment card.

High Accuracy & Precision

We take a hybrid approach to surveillance, combining advanced analytics, AI, and supervised and unsupervised machine learning with traditional detection methods to uncover suspicious financial flows and events by utilizing best social network analysis, anomaly detection, in-house graph analytics and text analytics, providing you with the most effective surveillance scheme.


Rapid Loop-Hole Detection

Our adaptive techniques, machine learning methods and unsupervised intelligent agents, identify potential threats and automatically suggest new strategies for real time embedment, thus reducing your risk to be victimized.

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