Your win is a big win for us

Apollo Hospitals gets 2000% ROAS(Return On Ad Spends)

The classic case of marketing automation

ADOHM AI, India’s first marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, drove Apollo Hospital’s digital advertising campaign independently and exhibited tremendous results. Designed to work autonomously with minimal to no human intervention, ADOHM delivered highly personalised ad campaign across channels. This increased the qualified leads for the hospital’s online consulting service by 100% without an increase in the ad budget. While reducing the cost per lead by 50%, ADOHM also helped increase overall monthly leads by a sizeable 60%.

Built from the ground up by Bangalore based ADOHM Adtech, the marketing platform was pressed into action by Apollo’s digital marketing agency Nikulsan. ADOHM uses the power of big data and incorporates machine learning techniques, applied propensity models, predictive analysis and other AI applications to deliver highly personalized communication across multiple devices and channels. Adohm uses the most common digital advertising channels which is Google, Facebook, Instagram and some other popular ones.

Strategic partnerships we leveraged:

Strategic partnerships we leveraged: