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Benefits and Risks of Twitter’s #280

Unlike some languages that require few words, English and Spanish requires more words to convey the same message. Twitter’s recent doubling of character limit to 280 has generated much buzz and excitement for brands and businesses. The new character limit opens door for brands, businesses and individuals for more in depth communication. But apart from benefits, there ... Continue reading ›


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5 Recent Changes in Facebook Advertisement

1. Ad Blockers Blocked In a recent development, Facebook announced that Ad Blockers like Adblock Plus would no longer function when people accessed the social network through desktops. 2. More Control for Customers over Ads They See Facebook now gives users more control over the ads they would see. As a Facebook user, one can now see the interest ... Continue reading ›


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Amplifying Your Video Views And Clicks On YouTube

In today’s technological world, after search engine giant and social market leader Facebook, YouTube is the third most channel people touch upon.In every 30 seconds almost 3000 minutes of length videos are uploaded and 50 million hours are being watched using mobile and desktop devices. YouTube has not only benefited thousands of digital marketers for social media ... Continue reading ›


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Optimize Your Website For Effective Lead Generation!!

Marketers generally state that “Lead Generation” helps in acquiring customer’s interest and put it into a business or service. This process helps in gaining attention from our target audience and enhances interest towards our service. As we understand that a user visits our website, browse through the content and click on the call to action and fill ... Continue reading ›


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Build Your Brand by Connecting Your SEO with Social Media

Over few years, we have seen radical changes in the SEO pattern and its results. There are many means and approaches that social media stimulates the SEO efforts. Additionally, most of the search engines have made an algorithmic change in their systems and process in order to improve the search results thus making it more useful, ... Continue reading ›

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