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Advertising & Cricket: The Ideal Alliance

Be it advertising or Cricket, it is never about what you tell people; it’s all about what people tell each other. For instance, Virat never yells that he is the best batsman in the world. Through the virtues of sheer hard work and consistency, he has created a brand for himself which inspires people like you ... Continue reading ›


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How Brand Marketing Is Being Taken To A New Level By Indian Web-Series?

With the recent advent of web series in the Indian market, there has been a tremendous increase in the viewership as the youth are being targeted with content that is no longer related to the saas bahu drama. Instead the web series are being made with the content being totally youth oriented to which the young ... Continue reading ›


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5 Factors that Affect Organic Traffic on Your Website

1. Pages Not Indexed In case your pages do not appear in SERPs, it is highly likely that your website is or critical pages on your website are not indexed. Also, check that you have not blocked any pages through the robots.txt file. 2. Site Updations In case you have updated your content on the website, it is very ... Continue reading ›

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