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How Brand Marketing Is Being Taken To A New Level By Indian Web-Series?

With the recent advent of web series in the Indian market, there has been a tremendous increase in the viewership as the youth are being targeted with content that is no longer related to the saas bahu drama. Instead the web series are being made with the content being totally youth oriented to which the young ... Continue reading ›


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Online Reputation Management Tips to Bury Negative Search Results

Online reputation management is not just about social media monitoring or taking care of your public relations. You need to engage the customers and not just sell them. Online Reputation Management can impact your business and the sales. There is an important role of Online Reputation Management in today’s business and media landscape. Let people express their voice ... Continue reading ›


Nikulsan in ORM Services

Useful Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation Management

Off late, checking reviews online has been a growing trend. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that your online reputation is well managed so that it does not have a negative impact on your business. Few tips for effective Online Brand Reputation Management 1. Blog : Blog is certainly a secret weapon for SEO as it helps in rankings. But blog ... Continue reading ›

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