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Nikulsan in ORM Services

3 Essential Steps for Integrating ORM in Your Business Strategy

Online Reputation Management, or simply ORM, is a crucial business practice and a skilled marketing activity that influences public perception of a brand. Over the time companies have realized the significant impact of consumers’ brand perception on the growth of businesses, especially in a highly competitive market environment. And with this the need for ORM services ... Continue reading ›


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Engage Them By Showcasing Your Stories On Social Media

Stories is something which is connecting one person to another, be it a friend to friend, or a brand with its customer, or a mother to her children or a husband with his wife. We are all communicating our life in terms of stories. Even Social media is facilitating its members to create and promote stories ... Continue reading ›


Nikulsan in ORM Services, Social Media

Online Reputation Management Tips to Bury Negative Search Results

Online reputation management is not just about social media monitoring or taking care of your public relations. You need to engage the customers and not just sell them. Online Reputation Management can impact your business and the sales. There is an important role of Online Reputation Management in today’s business and media landscape. Let people express their voice ... Continue reading ›

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