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Video Marketing Strategy To Entice The Audience

One of the most interactive forms of communication with the audience is through movies or videos which easily help in describing an event, strategy, story, history or whatever brands want to convey. But you have to make sure that you are taking right strategic move while marketing your concept. The most effective form of communication can ... Continue reading ›


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The Momina Effect: Remarketing To YouTube Viewers With AdWords

While most of us dream of success, only a few struggle hard enough to achieve it. Momina Mustehsan a Pakistani talented artist, literally broke the internet with her amazing smile and her mesmerizing voice when everyone went crazy about her song “Afreen Afreen” alongside Rahat Fateh Ali Khan which was released by coke studio. With over 20 million ... Continue reading ›


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Advertising & Cricket: The Ideal Alliance

Be it advertising or Cricket, it is never about what you tell people; it’s all about what people tell each other. For instance, Virat never yells that he is the best batsman in the world. Through the virtues of sheer hard work and consistency, he has created a brand for himself which inspires people like you ... Continue reading ›


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Winning Deals – The Harvey Spectre Way !

In the TV show Suits, Harvey Specter is viewed as a charming and a thriving man. He defines his realm and is supposed to be a great closer! As an ode to Harvey Spectre, here is the Ultimate Closer Guide for acing at sales! Every sales guy must learn these tips from him - 1. Don’t have ... Continue reading ›


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5 Recent Changes in Facebook Advertisement

1. Ad Blockers Blocked In a recent development, Facebook announced that Ad Blockers like Adblock Plus would no longer function when people accessed the social network through desktops. 2. More Control for Customers over Ads They See Facebook now gives users more control over the ads they would see. As a Facebook user, one can now see the interest ... Continue reading ›

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