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5 Recent Changes in Facebook Advertisement

1. Ad Blockers Blocked In a recent development, Facebook announced that Ad Blockers like Adblock Plus would no longer function when people accessed the social network through desktops. 2. More Control for Customers over Ads They See Facebook now gives users more control over the ads they would see. As a Facebook user, one can now see the interest ... Continue reading ›


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Explainer Videos & 5 Ways they Benefit your Business

Explainer Videos are an amazing way to put forward your business idea or concept in a simple yet effective visual way creating an impact with your target audience. Below mentioned are key benefits outlined that would benefit your business in ways more than one. Engagement – A video is always a better way to grab the attention of ... Continue reading ›


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Instagram Stories & 3 Ways Brands Can Benefit From it

With an aim to increase engagement and evolve with changing times, Instagram introduced a feature recently called Instagram Stories. How does it Work? Stories are something that goes viral very easily these days on social networking sites. Instagram Stories appears at the top in your feed. You would now be able to view and share your friend’s stories ... Continue reading ›


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3 Most Common Misconceptions About Corporate Video Production

As of now, we understood that corporate video production is also an integral part of branding and marketing strategy for any organization-be small or large. It has evolved into an accessible and affordable interaction tool for a firm. But to create and implement a successful corporate video reasonable time and money are involved and both the ... Continue reading ›


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5 Must Haves for Your Video Marketing Campaign

Heard about video marketing and its rising popularity, you also must be planning one? Right? But, like every other campaign there are certain haves and have nots. Let’s focus on the Haves of a Video Marketing Campaign in this one. You heard it right. Video is the big thing in today’s market as per any digital marketing agency in ... Continue reading ›

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