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7 Techniques to Reduce Your Spends & Enhance Your Social ROI

Web-based social networking advertising is a boon to an online marketer. Here are 7 techniques to reduce your spends & enhance your social ROI that each marketer ought to hone: 1. Utilize the correct social channels. Facebook has the biggest client base (1.1 billion clients, contrasted with Twitter's 500 million). Facebook collects 8 percent of site hits on the ... Continue reading ›


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Facebook Built a Product Which the Publishers Couldn’t Refuse – Instant Articles

The Instant Article is a feature/product by Facebook that tackles the issue of sluggish loading of articles. An Instant Article is an HTML5 document enhanced for swift publication, rich narrating abilities, brand agility, and a modified visual display. At the point when a publisher chooses an article for Instant Articles, individuals browsing Facebook in their mobile applications ... Continue reading ›


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New Feature on Facebook Helps you Talk to your Friends More

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Time and again they have come up with new features to enhance user experience like never before. One of the recent features introduced by Facebook is “What friends are talking about”. As of now a test feature, this is visible in a few News ... Continue reading ›


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5 Recent Changes in Facebook Advertisement

1. Ad Blockers Blocked In a recent development, Facebook announced that Ad Blockers like Adblock Plus would no longer function when people accessed the social network through desktops. 2. More Control for Customers over Ads They See Facebook now gives users more control over the ads they would see. As a Facebook user, one can now see the interest ... Continue reading ›


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Instagram Stories & 3 Ways Brands Can Benefit From it

With an aim to increase engagement and evolve with changing times, Instagram introduced a feature recently called Instagram Stories. How does it Work? Stories are something that goes viral very easily these days on social networking sites. Instagram Stories appears at the top in your feed. You would now be able to view and share your friend’s stories ... Continue reading ›

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