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2 Minutes of Advice for Improving Your Content Strategy

Quality content is no doubt a vital ingredient in today’s marketing mix, and it has become extremely difficult for businesses to thrive without a sound content strategy and approach. That’s why here are 7 quick tips on how to go about with your content: #TIP 1 Formulate the Strategy What are you looking for to achieve through your content? ... Continue reading ›


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7 Techniques to Reduce Your Spends & Enhance Your Social ROI

Web-based social networking advertising is a boon to an online marketer. Here are 7 techniques to reduce your spends & enhance your social ROI that each marketer ought to hone: 1. Utilize the correct social channels. Facebook has the biggest client base (1.1 billion clients, contrasted with Twitter's 500 million). Facebook collects 8 percent of site hits on the ... Continue reading ›


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5 Must Haves for Your Video Marketing Campaign

Heard about video marketing and its rising popularity, you also must be planning one? Right? But, like every other campaign there are certain haves and have nots. Let’s focus on the Haves of a Video Marketing Campaign in this one. You heard it right. Video is the big thing in today’s market as per any digital marketing agency in ... Continue reading ›


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Optimize Your Website For Effective Lead Generation!!

Marketers generally state that “Lead Generation” helps in acquiring customer’s interest and put it into a business or service. This process helps in gaining attention from our target audience and enhances interest towards our service. As we understand that a user visits our website, browse through the content and click on the call to action and fill ... Continue reading ›


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Strategize a Social Media Campaign for Your Niche

It’s a common word of mouth rather a myth when people quote that their product/brand/service is too niche for any sort of media platform to fit in or social media strategies to work for. Social media marketing provide accountability, transparency and flexibility than other forms of marketing can offer. Before we complain that we are promoting ... Continue reading ›

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