What do you count in your basic necessities these days?? Is it food, shelter or clothing or is it food, shelter, clothing and internet. With the changing time, Internet has become vital source of information which helps you in decision making. Customer purchase journey starts from the referrals or the online reviews and word of mouth. A digital Marketing Strategy helps in guiding customers through the buying process. After all the research done on the social media or other sources of information, customer compares one brand with the other and tries to find out about the brand from their friends. They may find out the reviews to know what people are saying about the brand. And finally after the good results of the research, they may make an online order.

To create and implement a Digital Marketing strategy is just not enough. You need to measure the effectiveness of your digital campaigns to keep your marketing strategy on track. Your partnership with any digital agency will help you measure the metrics and the key performance indicators.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Pay Per Click: It is one of the effective ways to generate sales and leads online. When running any such display campaigns, you can measure the effectiveness from the number of website visits during the campaign, revenue generated from the Ad or Click to call action at the time of any mobile campaign.

Social Media Campaign: This campaign will help you measure the engagement rate on social media and your website before, during and after your campaign. The metrics used to measure the size of the audience is the likes, comments and shares on the posts. Check your Brand mention using several software platforms. Ultimate goal of measuring sales can be done through the social media campaigns.

Content Marketing Campaign: Content marketing campaign involves blog posts, videos, infographics and other research papers. This also involves creating mailers for the lead nurturing process or remarketing. The metrics to measure this campaign involves the number of people who watched your video, downloaded your research paper or posted comments in your content.

Search Engine Optimization Campaign (SEO) Campaign: To come up higher in search results adds a lot of value to your business. SEO services help you improve your search ranking. SEO campaign involves selecting right keywords for your brand, adding valuable content for website optimization and improving the technical aspects. SEO campaigns take time to execute but can help in better organic listing of your website. SEO campaign can be measured by the tracking your website ranking and the amount of traffic you are getting from search engines.

Digital agency

Digital PR Campaign: Keep a check when your business gets featured in the local newspapers or any magazine. This is the time when your store can get more of visits or your website can get more traffic. PR Campaigns can be measured by adding referral links in your content which can send audience back on your website. Social media shares, likes or comments also help in keeping a track on the PR campaign.

In this Digital World, you need Digital Marketing Campaigns to reach out to the new costumers and to sustain the current customers. To promote brand loyalty among the customers is very important which can be easily done through digital mediums. Create a road map for your marketing campaign. Keep a check on your digital strategy.

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