By this time, we all have undoubtedly acknowledged the fact that for running a successful marketing campaign, social media plays an important role but most of us don’t know how to get started with the process. Most importantly, we must ensure that we are not arbitrarily marketing and promoting in dark in an ineffective way. To overcome such challenges and to make sure that the efforts are strategic and purposeful for a successful social media campaign, we should have a well-defined and calculative social media measurement plan embedded with rich level goals and objectives.

A social media measurement plan ideally consists of data, facts, figures and report that convert a firm’s business objectives into a dimension, metrics which is tangible and measurable. Under an umbrella, this plan distinguish and assemble how all the digital marketing channels will work together to achieve the desired KPIs.


Social Media Channel

The foremost question arises as whom we should consider in establishing such framework. We need to take into account that the person should be well versed with business objectives, marketing approaches, well accountable with technical know how.

Classify and Understand Goals:-The initial step in the planning stage is to spot and recognize our goal. We must understand that our objectives will be different in different social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.For e.g:- If we are attempting to target a female segment, then we should formulate the plan well with images and photos, videos and publish them in Pinterest.

Discover the strategies for the planned objectives:-We should identify, analyze the strategies that will help achieve our objective. For e,g:- If our aim is to drive revenue and increase profitability then key strategies to increase revenue will be increase sales, increase average value of the order. However, we still need a measurable outcome apart from a objective to achieve our goal.

Quantify the conversions and shares:-Measuring social reach doesn’t mean the real number, it implies how far the visibility increases and till what extent the our post can reach. We should measure the activities of the target audiences in social media platform starting from our own blog to Facebook.

social media measurement

Measure ROI on social media platform:-No business entities want to waste their invested money and thus measuring ROI on spent is very critical. If we invest on any advertising or brand engagement campaign, we can exactly how much the revenue the business earned over these ads with period of time. On the other side, if we realize that we are getting a prominent number of leads only from YouTube and it converts well into sales, then it is a worth effort in investing money on You Tube Advertising instead of other channels.

Practice and Involvement:-Lastly, we should bear in mind that a regular knowhow on updated practice, new trends and considering the experience of trained personnel is worth than any analytics, tools and strategies. At the end, approaches, brand or a person can differ but the most important is measuring social media success to achieve a sustainable and stable business objectives.

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