Do you usually get thrilled and anxious when you think of starting a social media campaign for a project? You naturally weigh up about the potential returns of social media marketing and you want to start gaining the rewards at the earliest. This is the reason why many marketers and entrepreneurs initiate without contemplation and end up ruining the campaign.

It’s a crucial note point that before you launch any new social marketing campaign, you should vigorously and thoroughly make a strategy for the foundation of the campaign….understanding its key pros and cons and researching on the outcome or the consequences of the campaign. There are few prerequisites you should bear in mind before you start posting and sharing anything on social media platform.

Social Media Campaign steps

Identify and understand goals:-This is the stepping stone and the most important step in the social media campaign process. You generally decide your target and goal as “success”. But you should question yourself that success means more profit, more traffic drive, more followers and likes, the way you are going to reach there, the segments and demographics you are targeting, the process to convince them and what platforms and tools you will be using.

Stretch out your portfolios:-The next step is to expand your company profile by filling up the form with relevant information and images, service you offer and then publishing the same. This will help you in optimizing your social profiles and thereby it will show up to the relevant search engines and it will increase the first impression of your brand. This in turn will increase the number of visitors, followers and thereby increase in visibility and presence of your firm will be assured.

Create and publish your ongoing blog posts:-You definitely need to set up a regular practice of publishing an ongoing blog. The reason behind, a high quality content will serve as a discussion platform for all of your social media accounts and you will be able to appeal your customers for serving and offering them your business services. Content establishes and reflects the brand image of your firm that brings out trusts and drives more traffic and conversions.

Social Media

Set up individual responsibilities and issue check areas:- You should outline few check points as who and for whom you will be managing campaigns, who will be responsible for managing and publishing contents weekly, who will be responsive to incoming messages. Also, you can set up a weekly and monthly meetings and discussion in understanding any loopholes in this campaign so that you can adjust accordingly.


Generate more traffic through our website itself:- Finally, you should understand and recognize that our own website is the key for more traffic drives and more conversions. The real value lies in people clicking and following your websites. Setting up of landing page with crisp and high content rich pages will get more engagements and audiences will be keen to in buying your products and services.

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