It appears that there is a craving and intense predisposition to connect with the audience even if for a momentary period behind each and every Facebook, Instagram posts or any tweet. A strong social presence is inevitable for centralized agencies to reach the target audience and customers. But agencies should also monitor social media feedback, reaction and retort to the concerns vented in people’s tweets and posts.

Agencies that are effective and successful at online social engagements apprehend and understand the differences between social media networks they are using and how to make the most efficient use of each one of them.

Social Media

For E.g.:- The Fashion and Apparel Service has a popular social media existence and officials recognize and post stunning photos using INSTAGRAM as a visual social medium.

We need the federal agencies that deliver and share views and messages, extract information they are getting back through Social Monitoring Media. This in turn will help understand what sentiments are out there, what citizens are thinking, feelings and who they are.

But before stating to explore the search terms, it is important to understand the role and necessity of social media monitoring for a brand. Few key reasons can be:-

• It helps in obtainingcustomer knowledge
• It facilitates in inspecting business influencers
• It assists in attaining a competitive advantage.

Social Media

In today’s era brands feel the pressure and toil hard top set up alerts in spite of having numerous tools present for social media monitoring.But in some cases, firms hand over to the marketing teams to track any online brand mentions. A skilled, trained and expert customer handling personnel is necessary to supervise and handle any online complaints and getting the word out of a brand.

Using the right channels and tools a business can easily manage social media mentions between its customer service and marketing. A proper framed social media monitoring tool need to be practiced in all organizations in order to:-

Social Media Tools

(a) Understand and know where “We” stand. It can provide valuable information about what the competitors are offering in their services and where we are lacking against those competing firms.

(b) Social Media Monitoring helps a brand protect their reputation, image during a crisis. Through this tool, the firms should go deep into the root of the problem and properly acclimatize a customer before they post any negative views about a firm.

(c) Using this tool, a firm can jump on the opportunities and identify the influencers whose views and opinions hold the most weight for their brand.

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