Social Media is a very powerful and important tool to build your Online Reputation. But you need to realize that maintaining a good blog for your business is equally effective and can place your brand at a position where it actually should be placed. Your blog should serve the purpose for which it was used in the first place. Well – maintained blog can do wonders when it comes to enhancing your Online Reputation.

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Your Blog is a reflection of your thoughts and personality so it is important it is considered as the best tool for reputation building. It gives your customers an idea what you actually aim to be. It gives readers a platform to know more about you, your aims, your way of working, your offers for them and what all you hope to achieve. Consumers too get a chance to express their feelings about your brand and open up freely.

There is an equal amount of risk involved when your blog becomes popular. Giving the readers a free space to comment and express their thoughts involves a risk of getting negatives feedbacks as well. No matter how interesting your blog is, but there are people who are bound to write negative things and there are more chances of negative comments going viral online. Little dissatisfaction about your product or service can look very ugly online.

You can ignore, respond or remove the negative comments to deal with the negative feedback on your business blog. You need to check whether the complainers actually have any substantial backing to their complaint or they complained just for the sake of complaining. If this happens then you just need to ignore them and try not to respond to such complaints.


There are times when the complaint is valid and has a full proof. This is the time when your need to address the complaint and make sure that the complainer agrees and is satisfied as to what you want to explain. If you are right is what you speak, just stand by your views but if you realize that you were wrong, admit your mistake and pay gratitude to you’re the commenter for correcting you. This will show that you value their opinions.

If you think that the comment doesn’t serve your purpose and is actually malicious in affecting your online reputation, you have an option to remove it. You can also block that commenter from further commenting on your blog. Learn to use your business blog to your advantage and enhance your online reputation.

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