When you engage with your audience on multiple social media platforms, try to find out which platform works more efficiently and save your time by focusing your efforts on the social channels that are more beneficial. Here are few tips to help you simplify your social media marketing

Social Media Management Tools: Choose from a variety of social media tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Crowdbooster which help you save time and streamline activities by auto posting the content on multiple social media channels at the same time. They also suggest the best time of the day when you can reach more audience.

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High ROI Platform: Comparison of the conversion rates across all the social media platforms is important to monitors which platform has a strong ROI. This will help you decide where spend more time and which platform is worth not your time. Perform a comparison of the conversion rates and the channel cost.

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Prioritize Your Social Media Accounts : Dig into the list of your social accounts and do analysis of the reach, number of monthly visits, monthly contacts and a number of customers that social channels brings in every month. Find out the platform which brings in more revenue. This will help you prioritize the channel which can help you get closer to your goal.

Prioritize Your Social Media

Reposting: Reposting of the old content helps you get more engagement on the social channels. If you have a post which has got you great engagement, use it again. Tools like Buffer helps in reposting the old posts once the scheduling is done. You can organize your content and use filters to schedule the posts. This leads to effective re purposing.

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Selective Engagement: Try and engage with the users when you actually need to do. Use Google Alerts to notify you about the topics with which you like to engage your audience. You can also use the social media tools to select the accounts and keywords which you want to see on regular basis. This selective engagement will help you save a lot of time and energy.

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