Online reputation management is not just about social media monitoring or taking care of your public relations. You need to engage the customers and not just sell them. Online Reputation Management can impact your business and the sales. There is an important role of Online Reputation Management in today’s business and media landscape.

Let people express their voice and have a strong communication landscape with an approachable network. User – generated content is essential on the website. It is vital to have regular interactions on social network. Your prospects, customers, clients are talking about you. Stay aware of the platforms they are using. You should know what they are tweeting, what comments are they putting on the social media and the blogs they are sharing. You cannot plan a strategy without people’s voices and opinions.

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Open up to the criticism and the feedback which you are getting from your customers. Allow people to talk about your products and services openly. Address the criticism publicly and establish a one – to – one communication channel between the customers and your company.

Even if your results are good today, doesn’t mean that it will remain the same always. So it is better to check up to the online reputation management tools. Keep reviewing your online news, social media platforms, algorithm changes and other factors. To have a good online reputation is an ongoing process that should be monitored continuously and keep the brands involved. If any major news published about your brand is not negative, still keep a check that you don’t get any negative comments or tweets on that piece of published news. Many people try to hamper the image of the brand when positive news is published.

Online Reputation Management Cycle

During the time of crisis, there should be someone (in house person or out sourced agency) to monitor your online reputation. This person shouldbe able to communicate with all the teams and the decision makers so that the response time is less. Fast communication is very important if there is any service or product related issue. You need to understand that Social media is a real time platform and people expect a prompt reply.

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