Mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily routine. Whether its checking your day schedule, logging your fitness routine or finding your way to the destination, you find yourself indulged in those mobile apps which have taken over your mobile’s home page. People spend an average of 30 hours per month in them.

They are also a powerful way for the brands to pick up their business and give a unique place to the users to interact with the company. Customers can see the products and services of the company. This helps the brands to make deeper relationship with their customers. It helps the brand to connect with their loyal customers. Applications make it easier to browse the company’s products which are more convenient than checking out the company’s website. Marketing planning should start well before the app development and the launch. There are various factors to follow before the launch:

Mobile Apps Usage

App Discovery on the Search –Not all the apps are downloaded or searched in the app store. Whether its gaming, music or finding a fitness app, search is an important source for app discovery. For example – frequent traveler is flying to a new place and is searching about that place, and he ends up finding an app which can provide a list of hotels with the prices of that place. He will certainly download that app to book his stay.

App User Discovery

Consider Your Brand –Your brand represents your company.At the time of developing your app, don’t forget to mention the name of your business, type of business and the logo that represents you. Your brand is how your clients will know you and potential customers will connect with you. The download page of app is very important. The kind of content and images you use on that page matters a lot.

Effective keywords –keywords are something which by your customers will know what your app does. For example, your app is children books, go for keywords like Educational apps for kids, Children’s educational apps. Checkouts for digital agencies which can help you find the suitable keywords for your app.

Check the Competition –At the time of working on your keywords, it is important to have knowledge about your competitors. Have a check over the keywords on which your competitors are working and what their ranking is. This will help you to know the category under which you should place your app. If you have strong competition in one category, try working on the other.

Drive App Downloads

Reengage –You should work on making your app’s value clear to the users. People love to use the apps again if they are offered a discount or any other bonus at the time of a new update of the app or next download. Travel and retail categories should work towards this idea.

Reengagemenmt Drivers for App

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