It’s a common word of mouth rather a myth when people quote that their product/brand/service is too niche for any sort of media platform to fit in or social media strategies to work for. Social media marketing provide accountability, transparency and flexibility than other forms of marketing can offer. Before we complain that we are promoting and marketing to a broad, vast market we need to understand that converting a mass market into subsets or fragments of niche markets can streamline marketing.We can find individuals talking about service offering instead of opting for various social media channels filled with thousands of contents from all sorts of people. We can easily reach and appeal to our target audience by considering plenty of ways instead of standard norms and practices. Let us consider these few steps to go forward the Niche Marketing Strategy:-

Online Target Audience

Social media platforms are not suitable and appropriate for all. Whether we are targeting and appealing Techies, brand-conscious and fashion maniac executives or hygiene -friendly mothers we should make a framework structure to understand which platforms they are most active as this is a crucial part in constructing and assembling our social media strategy.

If we want to sell a medical diabetic detector machine, the best platform to showcase our services will not be Instagram or Snapchat. We need to take into consideration that 45+ audiences will be more active on Facebook and this will yield us more ROI on social media spending.

Social Media Platform

We need to consider and identify if one or more segments require particular and specific products.

Books published in large fonts and shiny, catchy pictures for children with low eye sight.

Identifying right voice, right stimulus helps in understanding a niche market. Creating a compelling story with right content will help to engage our audience. The influencers are the ones who will generate stories to promote our brand and seize audience’s attention in a niche market.

Content Optimization

While targeting niche markets we need to keep an eye on our competitors and small or more niche players in the markets. We may miss some areas where our competitors are playing successful and thereby we need to make a customize plan to address to those areas.

Competitor Analysis

While dealing with niche markets the risky factor we should bear in mind that this is not one-size fit for all and we should examine and scrutinize our social media strategies and if they are resonating to targeted audience.

To conclude, Social media marketing yields in higher sales conversion rates generate more revenues in a niche market if we click right social media strategies Social media is a humanitarian platform where people interacts and relates with people and for a niche market this process goes perfectly well. Research has shown than more than 80% sales closure comes from a social media platform and increase number of social media followers and influencers mends loyalty, trust and integrity in a brand.

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