To build your brand, launch a user generated content campaign which most of the companies namely Burberry, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Pepsi Max have adopted. These brands promoted their brand through their website and the social media platforms. For all the engagements of the consumers, a prize was offered. Customers were rewarded for presenting a positive light on the brand. If you plan to promote your brand, follow these tips:

Type Of Promotion Relates to Your Audience – Any sort of user generated campaign should match your audience. If you ask your customers to submit a video sharing their experiences about the brand, then you need to have an audience who are expertise with the technology. Elderly customers may not be able to become a part of this campaign.

Content User Generated

Type Of The Request Entries –Build a campaign where you get a type of entries which are actually tangible and can be used in future marketing activities. Entries which include pictures and videos produce a powerful content and can be converted into advertising purposes.

Video Marketing

Responsive Submission Website – If the customers are receptive to your campaign and are ready to submit their views, award them a fully responsive website. They should have an easy navigation experience while submitting their entries. Only the required fields should be mentioned in the entry forms.


Check The Legal Side – Before going public with your content related campaign, just check with your legal counsel, all the rights you have over the content shared for your promotion activity and what all restrictions you have over the same content.

Consumer Experience

The idea of promoting a brand by doing a user- generated  content marketing campaign is an affordable way to source content. It gives a life to the brand- consumer interaction. Smart-phones act has a helpful tool in building a huge pool for the content. So create your next promotion activity around the content marketing campaign.

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