Google AdWords came out with a striking change in the display of the ads on the search result page by eliminating the right- side ad slots from the desktop search results. While removing the ads from the right- side of the page, Google placed these ads on the top and bottom of the page.

Google Adwords

This change in the display ads had two exceptions – Product Listing Ad boxes and the Ads in the Knowledge Panel. In the attempt to balance consumer preference, the fourth ad to be displayed in the top would be in case of “highly commercial queries”. It will surely have strategic implication on the marketers around the globe.

Google Ads Update

Product Listing Ads become more potential for the retailers now as these continue to display on the right-side of the search results. The change in the display of the Ads will lead to increase in competition for the top paid places and which will further increase the prices of these ads.

According to the data, only 85% clicks came from top ads and rest 15% was from the side ads. So, most paid clicks are from the top ads. The fourth top ad spot highlights more information about your business so this can increase the click-through rates.

Paid Clicks On SERP

Real- time bid management system will become more critical for effective keywords. Marketers who have been working on once a day batch management to shift to upgrade the system which works in real–time.

Pay Per Click

While it’s too early to foresee the real time effects of Google’s removal of the side rail ads because the changes are balanced with the addition of the fourth ad on the top and the bottom ads. As of now there will not be any significant change in the CPC. The clear impact will be on the organic search.

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