Nowadays, when most of the people lookout for their each and every query online, the online marketing is dynamically changing with new hardware, software and new User interface sources. In order to execute a successful online marketing strategy, you need to stay connected to the latest trends of Digital marketing. Here are some prevalent trends ofdigital marketing which can improvise your social media strategy and online presence.

1. Video Ad is the Game

The trend of video ads isn’t new, but it will dominate surely in this year. On one hand, Facebook and Bing have started broadcasting video options to advertisers. The brand effectiveness surely increases when videos are visible on the very first page of the search results.

Video Ad Marketing

2. Mobile Optimization is the essence

Mobile utilization is eclipsing the desktop usage in 2016 and it was predicted much more before. According to a survey 58% of mobile users quit the website if it is not optimized with the mobile. However, desktop traffic won’t disappear totally, but according to Google’s anticipation, the mobile traffic will surely dominate.

Mobile Optimization

3. Cutting edge optimization strategies.

In the past few years, the online marketing strategies have equally relied onSEO(Search Engine Optimization) which is considered as the principle essence for organic search results. The PPC(Pay Per click) and SEO are the basic necessities of a web browsing result and it will surely transform according to the demands of the traffic.

Cutting edge SEO optimization

4. Social ads

Online advertising has been rapidly evolving from the very beginning of this year and by the end of this year, it will surely surpass TV! The cost effective and filtered reach is the reason for the rise of social ads instead of TV ads. In a nutshell, you will have a focus, where to hit the hard!

Social Ads

5. Mailers

We have a good news for your mailers, if you integrate your mailer with the social media icons, it will increase the click through rate by 158%! Mailers are necessary for your clients and potential clients to show that Yes! You are in the game and you have a note of them!


6. Website Maintenance

What if we say that 94% of website visitors’ first notice your website appearance and then its content. Or if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, half of the visitors leave the session in between. It is necessary to have a clean and optimized website according to all devices which ensures that you consider your online business in a serious manner.

Website Maintenance

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