Well, today we will discuss about the most important factor of business which determines the whole operations , that is ROI. It doesn’t matter how you effectively use your marketing skills, how much you invest for advertisements or how much you create traffic on your website, if the ROI is not up to the mark, the operations will be severely affected and that too in negative terms.

Content Marketing ROI

Your content is the Oar of your Business

Do you really think that there is golden thumb rule to invest in paid channel advertising as opposed to content marketing? NOT AT ALL!

It doesn’t matter you’re a B2B or B2C marketer, generating leads through content marketing or paid advertising is an effective measure you can take.

Many B2B companies today need a total support of content marketing and advertising to gain popularity and visibility for their brand and generate qualified leads.

Keep it Crisp

An important aspect of content marketing is to hold the attention of the customers than grabbing it. To generate the maximum leads and increase in your revenue, you need a crisp and appealing content. After all, 70% of people prefer to learn about product through content only and 68% of consumers spend their time in reading content of the product before buying it.

Keep it Crisp

What Client really need from Content Marketing! Know your Business

When it comes to Digital marketing and content marketing, prioritize your clients on the topmost level. It is a basic fact that client generates revenue and he needs a crisp and appealing content at any cost. It doesn’t matter how much efforts you make on coding and website, the first thing which appeal to client is, Content!

Know requirements of content your client needs!

Discuss, analyse and call for action from your team. As a case study most of the clients’ need (remember most of the, not every!)

35% of Articles, 24% of Infographics, 11% Case studies (that’s what we are doing right now) 7% videos, 18% App Material and 5% PR.

Confused enough! To make it simple we would rather say to take feedback on daily basis from your clients which will create a strong relation altogether.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content May be King, but Distribution rules the land

Content is most important, but if it is not distributed accordingly then there is no use of content, it doesn’t matter how crisp and interesting it is.

According to Forbes, the high demand will be generated only if a content director understands the dynamic distribution. You need to become a content marketing leader, not just a follower!

Content is King

What Leaders Do!

The basic quality of leader is that he involves in the operations, you need a clear goal and vision to direct your team according to the requirements of client. Leaders generate networks and connect with the people who will help to distribute their content. As a result, they see dramatic results.

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