After the Google Penguin and Panda Updates, a lot of brands have finally realized that ranking a website on the top of Google is not just about building a large number of links. It is also about making a high quality content for the promotion of a brand. The high quality content will automatically attract links naturally over the span of time.

Video Marketing Promotion

Break the trends

Video can easily boost up your underutilized content and the generic audience will visit your page if your video promotion is done skilfully. Usually, brands believe that their conventional approach will increase their page traffic and they will conquer a large portion of internet. This misconception among the brands should be eliminated because everything needs to be changed with a proper time frame.

Video Marketing Change

A big area Covered

It was already predicted that video will conquer a large portion of internet and there is a reason behind this prediction. If you Google some query on internet, the first portion is covered by the Videos and if the caption and content of video is interesting enough, the audience will surely visit and lookout your brand. The second portion is covered by the images which also act as a catalyst in brand promotion.

Video Marketing Users

The success of YouTube in past few years is the clear evidence of the significance of video. More than 1 billion users watch 6 billion hours of video on YouTube per month which creates a large scope for video promotion on internet.

Successful filtration

The best thing about your Video promotion is the filtration. You can filter your audience according to sex, age and demography. Imagine you are promoting a men’s grooming kit and you want a fixed number of leads in your promotion, with the help of Video filtration, you can keep a check on your audience.

Video Marketing Filteration

Why only YouTube?

Video Marketing 5

On Facebook also, posts with video are given extra weightage in the algorithms. They have higher engagement than posts with plain text. With the onset of Facebook video promotion, embed video promotion in the news feed is generating a good number of engagements.

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