In the world of digital marketing and digital strategies, targeting an appropriate audience according to your business is the main challenge for the evolving brands. Digital marketing is the strategy adopted by most of the brands nowadays.


The basic help can be taken from Google adwords keyword planner; it creates a comprehensive keyword for your business which is majorly entered by people during their Google or Bing search. For evolving agencies, it is suggested to create a spreadsheet and then select the keyword according to your need. For instance mentioned below is the business idea for online cookery classes, for this you can use keywords like

Services Keywords
Online Cookery classes online cooking classes, online cooking class, cookery courses
Pet care puppy training, dog care, pet supplies online
Online nursery plant nursery, garden plants, flower seeds

Branding is something like reading the mind of people who are looking for some services, if someone is taking help from Google, it doesn’t mean he will pay for sure, most of the time people visit Google or Bing for free consultation. It is up to the branding that a person gets ready pay after reading your online articles, blogs etc. Keep your business idea clear, if you’re a content writer then specify, “I am a freelance content writer” there should be no confusion in the mind of the person while searching for any services.

Webpage Optimization

This is the main aspect of using the keywords on the different spaces on the website. For example,

  • You can use it in the SEO title of the page
  • In the META description
  • In Image’s filename with ALT text
  • On the very first paragraph
  • In the naturalised way, on the phrases of the paragraph

Social Media Profile optimization

If you want to increase the likelihood that people will find your profile on social media pages, then keywords is the answer. On various social media platforms you can optimize your profile in this way

  • For Facebook, use keyword in “Short Description” , “Long Description”
  • For Twitter, use keyword in Your “Bio”
  • For Pintrest, use keyword in “About you”
  • For Linkedin, use keyword in “Company Description”
  • For Google+ use keyword in “Introduction” , “Occupation” , “Skills”

Through these measures mentioned above, you can increase traffic on your webpage and this helps to give a better return in business.

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