Design is one aspect that has always been neglected in India. But we fail to realize that design is not just about how the app looks, it is more about giving the user a pleasant experience. It helps in meeting the needs of the customers and the business itself.

Types of web applications –

Web Application

1. Open Applications – These are those ones where the app is open to use for anyone who may or may not register themselves. The users can access this app online.

2. Closed Applications – These are those ones where the app is not available for use to anyone outside the company that uses it. They can be considered offline apps.

How to identify users for an app?

User interviews, business stakeholder interviews and shadowing method of observation are some ways used to identify the target customers.

The Design Process –

Web Development Process

There are various processes that can be used to design the user interface during web application development. But one of the best ways is the Agile approach. Why? Well, at the end of the day, what is visible to the customers is the user interface and that is what matters.

Sketching: Sketching is a great way to explore ideas. They bring up different ideas and working on those finally you can zero in on some sketches which can be further worked on.

Website Layout

Prototyping: This is basically a dummy model which looks like the real application. It may or may not have the functionality. The users would feel that they are actually looking at the actual thing.

Since it is temporary, coding is not to be worried about. It should just be run with minimum bugs to understand how it would look. Based on this filtering is done.

Testing: Prototypes are useless unless the testing phase is done. Do more do often testing to identify major issues and keep testing until they are settled?

Guidelines for Designing:

1. No Surprises Please: For a good UI, consistency and familiarity is extremely important. From navigation, to color to terminology, internal consistency must be maintained. But consistency should also be maintained when it is opened on different platforms which are referred to as external consistency.

2. Efficiency for Users: Your UI needs to be best suited to increase the efficiency of the users using the app. After all this what they have paid for. This conception that a heavy and complex UI is always creative and better suited is a misconception. It should always be simple for the users to understand and use which will be of better value to your users.

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