Nowadays, Cyber criminals hacks innumerable of websites. These hacks are not visible to Website users, yet they are harmful to anyone browsing through the page — Including the site maintenance team. For example, without knowing the site owner, the hacker may have tempered their website with harmful coding which can record the keystrokes on visitor’s system, stealing login information for Net Banking and financial records.

Someone, somewhere in the world is trying to hack your website for his personal reasons such as financial transfers, selling your records to your competitors or even just to blackmail you for a favour in monetary terms. If a person is technically expert in coding and phishing, he can easily hamper the website’s content within few clicks. It is noticed that sometimes hackers hack a particular website and in return they ask for money to recover the website. It takes just a small loophole in the coding and security of the website and the site is gone forever or maybe tempered for a moment.


Sometimes, hackers from other countries take the advantage of hacking a website which is officially used in country’s broadcast and information and they can easily fabricate the information which is important in collaboration with other countries. This can be defined as a kind of cyber war.

We can elaborate the whole scenario with an example, for example, there are, lots of viruses and bacteria in the whole atmosphere, and they are looking for a weakness to enter in your body. Due to low immunity, you catch a virus and these viruses multiply in your body at a very higher rate. Same thing is with your website, there are lots of hackers who are looking for a small loophole in your website and security functions, they find a place to intrude in your website and they infect your website for vital information and credentials. Within a snap of fingers your goodwill washes away and you are left with no support at the end.


How to determine?

It is strongly recommended to take an action as soon as possible when you are notified that your website has been hacked or compromised. You will be notified by Google toolbar, if you search on your website on Google, a small template will appear below your website’s address that ‘This site may be hacked’ or ‘This site may harm your computer’. Or, on the other instance it is clearly visible on your direct website or you can get an email regarding your website’s vital information.

What to do?

Now the time comes when you have to take strict actions regarding the security of your website. If you are sound in coding and fixing the online errors of your website, you can directly change the security settings as soon as possible. You can also seek help of your IT cell in the same case, if you have IT experts, they will surely help you out with this issue. The best possible and easiest tool for your safety of website is Webmasters tool by Google and it’s free of cost. You will be notified by Google email automatically that someone tried to hack your website or what measures you can take to protect your website.

  1. Contact your Domain host and build a support team to aid your website. Your domain host understands the value of their customers and they will surely help you out in case of any potential threat to your website.
  2. It is recommended to follow the blogs and online threads where experts are available at any given moment to help you out with your hacked website. These experts are generally those people who are knowledgeable in internet security functions and management. Or these threads are followed by those people who have recovered their website with the help of online forum.
  3. You can quarantine your website by taking it offline and resolving its issues with the simple help steps of IT experts or security cell. For a few moment of time, your website won’t be visible to visitors and for that time you can easily resolve all the problems regarding internet security. One should keep in mind that for a few moment of time your website will not be visible and this can affect your internet rankings.
  4. You can easily verify your ownership with the help of touch console. You can visit and create a Google account. After creating Google account you can enter your site address in the search bar. It is a simple diagnose process through which you can easily verify proof of your ownership.
  5. Assess damage like malware and spam and resolve all the queries. For this you will need good knowledge to run SQL database on your system.
  6. Run two antivirus scan on your website.
  7. Run terminal administrator access to your website server, for this you should have knowledge of terminal commands, if not; contact your IT support function. Later on, when site is fully recovered, create a backup of your website so that you can easily configure everything.

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