Wondering how many people actually land up to your website organically. Here’s a simple way of calculating that using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

1. Use Average Search Query

While obtaining this data, use the default filter as Web. This will give you data only from the web. For mobile data, you can do a separate study using the default filter as Mobile.

Studying keywords with at least 50 impressions per month, the ‘Average Position’ column will display an average of the ranking positions that this keyword has appeared in. Using this, the tool builds up the section charts.

Webmaster Tool
2. Using Exact Search Query Data  

Click on any keyword in the Search Queries table and you will be taken to Query Details. Query Details will actually show you a detailed report of CTR for each exact ranking position of that keyword.

3. Excluding certain queries for accurate data

Excluding queries from exact data with less than 500 impressions from that data, a filter to include only keywords with at least 10 impressions per position was also applied to ensure that we get accurate results.

4. Categorizing keywords

Next, keywords were categorized based on brand, search intent and number of words to ensure to check the CTR changes for searches containing branded keywords.

People usually tend to click on brand results or if they have mentioned a search intent in their keyword like buying or location or information, etc.

5. Analyzing the Data

Data Analysis
Using graphs and charts in Excel to display information is a great way to analyze the data being provided by the tools. This always helps in better understanding and better analysis.

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