1.    Running one piece of code is enough

Initially when remarketing was, it could be run through via Google Adwords. There was a remarketing code generated which was supposed to be pasted on various pages of the website in order to build lists. But this wasn’t the best possible way.

So Google came out with a better option. You can simply make a simple change to the Google Analytics code which goes across every page of a site.

People sometimes run both codes together. It is important to run only one type of code and since Google Analytics offers more flexibility, it should be the preferred code to run.

2.    Include Cookie information in your Privacy Policy

Remarketing Lifecycle

As you start up with your remarketing campaign, it is important that you update your Privacy Policy informing users how cookies will be used.

3.    Make sure you have a naming strategy

As you begin to build your remarketing lists, it is important you name them appropriately so that you do not get confused in the future. Once named, they cannot be changed. In case you have a few lists, it is fine but if you have a huge number, you might get confused as to which list contains what. Therefore, it is important to name your lists appropriately.

4.    Get 100 people on list to kick start your campaign

To kick start a remarketing campaign, the first step is obviously implementing the code. Once the code is implemented, start building your lists. As soon as it reaches a minimum mark of say 100, it is time you can kick start your campaign.

5.    Multiple campaigns for each goal

Remarketing Ads

The most common mistake that one makes while running a remarketing campaign is create only one campaign which in turn contains multiple ad groups.

While the best practice is to create a new campaign for every desired goal. This helps you manage your campaigns much more efficiently and also get a better understanding of what works and what not.

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