With the growing use of smart phones to access internet, the need to optimize your website as per the mobile search standards and algorithms is the need of the hour. And with Google’s latest update coming in on the same topic called Mobilegeddon, it has become all the more inevitable.

There are basically two updates that have recently been issued by the search engine giant – Mobile friendly search results and App Indexing.


Let’s first talk about the Mobile friendly search results. Starting April 21, mobile friendliness is being used as a ranking signal affecting all searches in all languages worldwide and helping people to find more relevant content while searching on mobile phones. Therefore, if you do not have a mobile friendly website, it can any day get penalized by Google and your ranking will be highly affected. If you are penalized, your website would not rank in at least the top 100.

Google also has certain tools to help you understand the mobile friendliness of your website and help you test it. There is a Guide to Mobile Friendly Sites, Mobile Friendly Test, Mobile Usability Report and so much more that will help you understand your website.

Next, we talk about the second update that is App Indexing. Google now has started using App Indexing to promote more relevant content from the apps installed by the user while he is signed in. For example, if you are searching for something that is present on an app installed by you, Google will show you the link of that page on the app where you will find the search result. In case the app is not installed, you can download the app and once you download it, it will directly open that particular page where the information is mentioned.

There are numerous mobile searches everyday and with increasing traffic, it is quite imperative that your business be visible on the top searches to reap maximum benefits.

Beyond rankings, there is another difference in desktop and mobile SERPs which is expected to change. The mobile search results would be dropping domains in mobile display URLs while they are still present in the desktop search results. This is also expected to change and the desktop search results would also be excluding the domains in the URLs.

The world of SEO is volatile and your strategy always needs to be in lieu with the latest updates.

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