Off late, checking reviews online has been a growing trend. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that your online reputation is well managed so that it does not have a negative impact on your business.

Few tips for effective Online Brand Reputation Management

1. Blog : Blog is certainly a secret weapon for SEO as it helps in rankings. But blog is also extremely helpful in online reputation management. It gives you free hand to clarify any assertions made about your company.


2. Listen : In case there is a bad review or complaint about your product or process, consider that there might be a shortcoming at your end as well, especially in case of repeated complaints. Provide customers with creative solutions giving them what they want without creating friction.

3. Apologize : In case there is a mess up at your end, make sure you apologize to the customer. And the apology is genuine. It may not reverse the situation because the mess up has already happened but it will surely manage a crisis situation and help in reconciliation.

4. Say ‘No’ to Online Arguments : This is the worst thing to do. You may have a valid point but indulging in an argument will only make your brand look petty, harsh and unprofessional. The best way to deal with such a situation is to take things offline and try to reconcile.

5. Social Media is a vital key : Merely having a social media page for your business is not enough. Build your audience on it. And be present on all major social media platforms posting regularly. In fact, you should have social media pages for your brand or products as well, updating them on a regular basis.

Social Media

Use these tips to enhance your online brand reputation management.

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