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We stand for providing cutting-edge technologies to Enterprises in need of effective solutions for collecting and analyzing intelligence regarding both physical and cyber attacks.

Enterprises have suffered a great ‘blow’ which has led to loss of billions of dollars yearly. This can be directed attributed to a wide range of ‘sharp practices’ such as theft of data, intellectual property, monetary fraud, or from advanced cyber attacks.

Our solutions enable enterprise security teams convert wide range of data into insights, identify suspicious behavioural patterns, and generate predictive intelligence by mining and analysing data for enterprise security fuse using physical sensors, multiple electronic sources, open source web, and external systems protection against cyber-attacks. We are No. 1 when it comes to Risk Analysis, Detection and responsive feedbacks; all in one place for Enterprise Growth.


Expertise and Experience

Leveraging on the cumulative years of experience of our experts, we have solutions beingdeployed for a wide range of challenges confronting enterprises.


Central Threat Monitoring

Our solutions also provide complete detection and response for IT networks across the likely life-cycle of cyber attack chain. We have achieved this by integrating data from multiple systems such as intrusion, access control, public safety and related mobile device systems.

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